Testimonials from satisfied clients.

“My session with Diana was amazing. It was my first past life regression session and Diana did a great job of explaining each step of the process and what to expect, as well as giving me some pointers on what all I may want to gain clarity on. The session went smoothly with the images coming to me very clearly, it was a very informative experience!”
D.S., Austin TX
“Diana has regressed me a few times.  One of my regressions, I discovered my name was Benjamin Johnson from Scranton, Pennsylvania who died in the Korean War in 1952.  Diana helped me to heal the relationships with my two older brothers who are deceased by releasing anger toward them in a regression.  I’m thankful that she helped me to heal these areas of my life.”
J.R., Austin TX
“Diana and I met at a past life therapy hypnosis class given by Dr. Coletta Long in 1993.  She and I remained very good friends since then.  Recently Diana regressed me into three past lives which were in Greece, Amazon, and France.  The past life in Greece was tragic so I did some healing.  The other two lifetimes in the Amazon and in France were lifetimes Diana and I shared together.  I always knew there is a reason why we connected so well and my session with her gave me my answer.”
A.M.  Austin TX
My past life regression with Diana was a healing and enlightening experience.  She explained her process with me before we got started and smoothly took me into a hypnotic state.  She took me to three past lives.  There were a lot of details and vivid imagery.  I received a lot of healing and understanding from the past lives she took me through.  I especially appreciate the “lesson” I received from each of the past lives.
C.L. Austin TX