Photograph Readings

Past Lives Readings From Your Photograph

Before experiencing past life therapy, I had feelings of doom and gloom.  I felt doom and gloom because I was very unhappy with my life and didn’t think I had the ability to change it.  I had a constant negative pattern of thinking and was critical of everyone around me including myself.  Past life therapy helped me to create a positive pattern of thinking and to look at life more objectively.  It helped me to realize that life is one continuous stream of consciousness that continues to evolve to a better understanding of ourselves.  This is how we learn from life’s lessons and not be bitter about them.  By understanding our lessons in life, we understand ourselves.  My experiences with past life therapy has made me more secure with myself and more fulfilled with my life.  I no longer feel that death is part of the unknown, but it is a return to spirit instead which is from where we came from.  I’m not afraid of death anymore for I understand it and feel that we return to spirit from which we came.  It also helps me to feel safe in this world and I have a better understanding of human nature.
Before I did past life therapy, I went to a past life reader.  The reading revealed that my last life was in the mountains of Tennessee, another life as a soldier in the French Revolution, and a past life as a Mayan healer about 2000 years ago.  I went to a past life reader to prepare me for a regression.  Over the past 20 years one of the things I’ve learned through the regressions is developing a sense of people’s vibrations from their photograph that reveal their past lives to me. 
If you would like a past life reading from your photograph, please send me your request through my contact page by clicking the button below. I’ll follow up with an email to you with instructions for payment, and you can attach your photograph at that time. A $20 donation to my PayPal account is the cost.  I will respond to your request promptly.