For the Love of Karma by Michael G. Millett

Relationship karma operates across all our relationships and starts in this life within childhood with family interactions. Relationships are where we learn our fundamental lessons in life through our contact with karmic connections and soulmates. Karmic Connections or Soul Groups are people we feel instantly familiar with and where we have had connections with in a previous life or lives either in a positive or negative setting.

Soulmates are where two people are extremely compatible on most levels. The connection is usually extensive within several lives and for the most part positive. We can have several either in incarnation with us or even acting as a `guide` for our present life, helping us and encouraging us from the `other side`. They have generally shared many experiences with us and know us well.
All these contacts and relationships are usually emotional and some of them can conjure up strong feelings either positively or negatively all for a purpose. These experiences and connections happen to provide opportunities to develop the qualities and characteristics we are in most need of. They can sometimes be identified with our patterns of recreating issues of abuse, abandonment, love, manipulation, power struggles, rejection and togetherness for us to learn and grow from. Power issues are particularly common in relationship karma. People get drawn into dependent relationships where one person holds all the power and may mean that it is time for the other person to take back his or her power. We may be the victim, martyr, persecutor or rescuer with fixed ideas that rigidly control our lives, holding us back from growing emotionally or spiritually. We may also be a love addict within the relationship and cannot move out of it and feel `stuck`. We may be looking for conditional love but need to learn the art of the unconditional and the ability to `allow`. We may be seeking love from outside ourselves when the real challenge is to love ourselves (self love). Perhaps we need to reframe our whole perspective to loving and being loved. We may also be perpetuating an old pattern – such as infidelity or betrayal or indeed – a very deep love. Or are we experiencing the exact opposite of these as a kind of balancing experience for our development and growth in order to advance a strength or resource we need?
Retributive Karma can be involved where a person has betrayed their partner in a past life and the person does sometimes find that in this life, it is they who are betrayed or rejected. Subsequently they find themselves in a position where they are making some form of reparation for that original betrayal. Perhaps we may also be closely bound to someone by an old vow that needs playing out or maybe releasing. However, we can change or release these patterns by finding a new way to deal with the person projecting the pattern to us. Perhaps we need to acknowledge the part of us that has those emotions and deal with it in our own appropriate way, by fully accepting our emotional self and then choosing not to be held by our emotions. This can be harder for some people to do, more so than others. General therapy can be very helpful to those people as a way to improve and change this. However, another way is to go back to the past through Past Life Therapy and deal with it therapeutically and spiritually in that setting through releasement and healing. Outer difficulties can only be resolved through bringing out the appropriate virtues of mind and soul. We set in motion from the past what comes into the present and our life today is an `emotional learning ground` when it comes to relationships. We often choose a relationship to grow and learn how to complete a full attachment and also how to disengage from one and break free from a dependent bond that has been formed previously – all for our growth, development and evolution.
It can be hard for some people today in their development on a spiritual level to find that their partner does not develop at the same pace even though strong feelings can feature at a physical or emotional level. An imbalance can occur often bringing depression, suffering and sometimes tragedy to the relationship. However, this is all part of the bigger picture for both partners to learn and grow from the experience, each in their own way.
I believe that ultimately the spiritual purpose of partnership is to develop wholeness within us, to have freedom and take back or release our power over someone. We are a combination of male and female energies and our learning is to harmonise both within any incarnation. This is the key to true balance and spirituality. We each learn our lessons differently because we are each at our own level of growth.
So much of relationships is sorting out chaos and emotions and learning to love ourselves. On a higher level, every problem is self-caused and therefore must be self-redeemed and we must awaken from our complacency. In doing this, we begin to see the spiritual behind the physical and our lives open to new expressions.
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