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How Past Life Therapy Changed My Life

by Diana McManus

Reincarnation wasn’t part of my belief system (since I grew up going to a Lutheran Church) until I met a man who had studied yoga in India and he explained it to me. I met him in Guatemala in the early 1970s (I had traveled to go to art school in Mexico and ended up going to Guatemala because of my interest in the indigenous people). He had a girlfriend who grew up in foster homes and explained to her that she abandoned a child in her prior lifetime so she returned as an abandoned child in this life. It made sense to me because the concept of heaven and hell never made sense. I always felt that life should have meaning and if we only got one chance in life, it would have no meaning. Life is a school and we are here to learn and our soul evolves as we learn through experiencing various lifetimes. This is what gave my life meaning and why the concept of heaven and hell never made sense to me.

My first Déja Vu experience was when I visited Buffalo Bill Cody’s museum in Breckenridge Colorado a few years earlier. I was on my way to California with a friend who had the nickname of Cody and we saw the museum as we drove through the area. I saw many photos of the men who worked with Buffalo Bill during the time they built the railroad and I felt like I was one of them. I could identify with the men I saw in the photo and felt like I was there with them. I felt excited and like my whole view of life had opened up to another reality. I didn’t realize that visiting the museum would open me up to a past life memory that I experienced with hypnosis as a drunken cowboy that shot buffalo with him. This was the only Déja vu experience that left the greatest impression with me besides feeling that I had been there before. I felt like I had lived that life of that cowboy in the photo before I had experienced it in a past life regression. This is how many people like me recognize that they have had past lifetimes.

In 1988, I had a daughter that died and went through two marriages to alcoholics which left me very depressed. I had a common law marriage to the father of my oldest son prior to marrying the father of my youngest son and daughter. I had met the father of my oldest son in California and I fell in love with him when we had met at a store where I previously worked in San Francisco. He moved to Houston a month after we met and moved in with me. We lived together for four years until I got pregnant with our son. Then I moved to Austin when my son was a year old. I met the father of my youngest son when my oldest son was two years old. I was married to the father of my youngest son and daughter for four years until the death of our daughter. I became very depressed after the death of our daughter. My depression was due to my negative feelings about the choices I had made that brought me much unhappiness. My daughter was murdered by a babysitter’s boyfriend while I was working late at night. I had my daughter’s father leave the house because of his drinking so I had to get a live in babysitter who could look after the children while I worked on weekends and during the late hours in the week. The babysitter had a boyfriend which I allowed to come over to the house since he seemed nice. Her boyfriend had a drug problem which I was unaware of and had trouble finding work since he had difficulty reading and writing due to dyslexia. He would come over to the house on weekends when I was working during the early hours of the morning. He came over one morning when I was at work. The babysitter was sleeping and my daughter started crying. The babysitter’s boyfriend took my daughter outside the back of the house and through her on a concrete slab where he crushed the back of her skull. The emotional pain was overwhelming. I also felt a lot of guilt from not being able to protect her. My daughter was 14 months old. At one time I felt I didn’t deserve to be alive, but my mother assured me I needed to focus on my two sons which helped me to stop thinking that way. I continued to go to work and everyone at work was very sympathetic to me.These experiences left me emotionally numb where I couldn’t cry although I wanted to. I felt emotionally numb until I met a man at a metaphysical church that I went to who brought out feelings in me I didn’t know I had. I went from one day of not being able to cry to where all I could do is cry. I went from no feeling to very strong painful feelings. I started crying when I thought about this man. The feelings I had for this man were strong and painful because I felt rejected by him in many ways. I felt rejected when he told me he wasn’t interested in me as a girlfriend and just wanted to be a friend. I approached him at the church I attended. At first I noticed he looked much like the father of my son and daughter, but he wasn’t like him at all. I didn’t understand my desire to be close to him. We became friends and I tried being affectionate with him whenever we were together. He claimed he didn’t feel the same way about me. I felt very sad that he couldn’t love me like I loved him. I knew there had to be a reason I had feelings for this man when I didn’t have feelings for other men. I wanted to find some answers.

A friend encouraged me to visit a psychic to find out why I had these strong feelings for this man. The psychic claimed that I had a past life time with this man in which we were lovers. I believed that my feelings for this man had to come somewhere and a past lifetime made sense to me. She recommended reading a book titled “Many Lives Many Masters” by Brian Weiss, MD. The book is a true story about a psychiatrist who uses past life therapy to heal his client from her fears. The psychiatrist discovers this by accident because he was Jewish and his client was Catholic. Dr. Weiss discovered that his client had memories of her past lifetimes when he asked her while she was under hypnosis when the symptoms began. This suggestion allowed her to remember a past lifetime she had in Egypt around 1,500BC where she drowned. Neither people believed in reincarnation and thought that we had any memory of past lifetimes. I was so amazed by the results that his client got from the therapy that I wanted to find a psychologist who could use the therapy with me to help heal me of my depression. Dr. Weiss’s client suffered from various phobias, but somehow I knew that this would help me heal from my depression. I knew I was depressed because I started crying when I met this man at the church and thought I would never meet a man who really loved me. I felt my romantic future with men was doom and gloom. I found a psychologist who had been practicing past life therapy for over twenty five years. I was recommended to see the psychologist by someone who knew her.

Past life therapy is a form of hypnosis in which the subject is able to access past life memories through guided imagery with the help of the hypnotist. The experience is much like being in a waking dream state with the feelings from the dream being there as a real experience. The subject is able to converse with the hypnotist about what they are seeing and feeling during the session, but they also remember it afterwards and can talk about it then. The hypnotist helps the subject dissect the experiences and relate them to what is going on in the present life.

My daughter was only a year and two months when she died so she was very young. I discovered she was my best friend in a past lifetime in France in which we both fought in Napoleon Bonaparte’s army. This knowledge allowed me to experience a (past life) relationship with her since I was denied a relationship with her in this life. I was thrilled to know we had been close in a past lifetime. This made me feel relieved that I could finally let go and stop grieving over her. When I experienced the past lifetime in France as a soldier for Napoleon Bonaparte’s army, I recognized the vibration of the captain in the army as the same energy that’s in my daughter. I could actually feel her energy since we all have a unique vibration that doesn’t change through lifetimes although our body changes. I remembered conversations with my daughter in that lifetime and growing up with her as a friend and a young boy. I felt I had a relationship with her in that life that I was denied in my present life. This brought me joy and I felt I could finally let go of the grief. These were memories that I experienced in a past life therapy session with the psychologist.

Past life therapy changed my life. I discovered I was a soldier that fought in Napoleon Bonaparte’s army right after the French Revolution and I died at the battle of Waterloo. I also discovered I was rather barbaric and had a lot of guilt for killing people in that life time. I found out that my depression was caused by guilt that I felt for not being able to protect my daughter (in this life) when she died. I realized this during a past life therapy session as I expressed my feelings to the psychologist who guided me through them. I released the guilt in a hypnotic session using light to dissolve it and self-forgiveness. I imagined I had a tool of light like a lightning bolt or laser beam and used this tool of light to dissolve the guilt and pain. This experience is one of relief and is hard to describe since it only happens in a dreamlike state of mind. This information comes to us through dreams and or intuitive feelings. This is done with guided imagery and relaxation techniques by relaxing the whole body first suggesting that the muscles relax and then relaxing the mind by imagining going down an escalator in a department store. Once the subject is very relaxed, more suggestions are made to connect the subject to past life memories by using symbols of boxes and going into boxes and looking for them. This can also be suggested like going into rooms in a hallway, etc. The subject responds to the suggestions with answers about what they see in their mind and the hypnotist suggests placing them in a body at a certain time and place connecting them to symbols in the past lifetime.

Once I released the guilt, my life started to change for the better. I became aware of what choices I was making in life and I could change them by being more aware of people I associate with. When I was in my early twenties, I would befriend any man who gave me attention not realizing the results that could happen with a relationship with that man. I realized that I didn’t want to get involved with a man again who is an alcoholic and I am more aware of those behaviors. I didn’t think much about the consequences of a relationship with an alcoholic and now I do.

I discovered that my daughter died young in this life for a reason. My daughter had killed a man in that past lifetime as a soldier and the man came back to kill her in this life. In this way my daughter died for a reason as a result of a karmic experience. This gave me a greater understanding of her death. I also discovered I had a past life as a drunken cowboy who shot buffalo with Buffalo Bill Cody in which I accidentally killed an Indian child. This was the karmic reason I had to experience losing a child in this life. This also helped me understand why I had to experience the pain of losing a child in this life. I also discovered I was a Cheyenne Indian and a Mayan Indian and have friends in my life today who I knew in those lifetimes. I visited a friend I met in Guatemala who lived in Canada a couple of times. I knew I shared a lifetime with her in Guatemala as a Mayan Indian and that was the reason we met in Guatemala again in this life. I also have a very good friend that lives in California that I shared a past life with as a California Indian. I met friends that I shared past lives with in California and Guatemala when I traveled and lived in various places and they feel that we have also shared past lifetimes together. I don’t see them often, but have traveled to visit them in California and Canada where they live. We all have similar passions when it comes to the Native American culture and want to see it preserved. The Native American culture is our heritage because many people today have had past lifetimes as Native Americans.

My memory of past lifetimes allowed me to meet my soul mate with whom it was love at first sight. I had a very warm feeling in my heart around him when I met my soul mate and knew we had been together before. I felt a strong chemistry between us when we first met and this chemistry lasted for the duration of the time we spent together. My memories from the hypnosis sessions helped me to recognize where these feelings came from although I had to experience the past lives my soul mate and I had together to understand why I had these feelings. It clicked when we talked on the phone and decided to meet in person. My soul mate had a personal ad in the local entertainment magazine and I answered the ad. His ad said he would like to meet a woman who wanted to go to Hippie Hollow and likes the rock band Guns and Roses. We agreed to meet at a local park. I felt very drawn to him when I met him in person so we hugged each other before we parted. He said I was passionate and could feel my passion. It was the passion in our hug which made me realize we had a connection together. A passionate hug is one in which you don’t want to let go of the person. My soul mate and I became very good friends and spent thirteen years loving each other. My soul mate wasn’t the man I met at the metaphysical church. I could recognize his energy in my past life regressions and knew that we had been together in previous lifetimes as friends and lovers after we had met and spent some time together. I remembered a past lifetime with him in France in which we were married, one in Ireland in which we were lovers, and another one in India which we were married.

Everyone we know has a certain vibration and we can feel their vibration in the present and when we experience past life times. One experiences the memories of past life times through hypnosis and guided imagery. This is done with a hypnotist or a professional that has been trained in hypnosis and regression therapy. The connection is experienced through an intuitive feeling and not through a name. Intuition is like having an extra voice inside the brain answer questions for you. I describe this extra voice as a feeling. This is how we recognize our soul mates in new bodies and in our present life.

I became very happy with myself and my achievements in life. I have become a positive thinker so it comes naturally now and I don’t have any negative thoughts that cloud my mind. My achievement is becoming a certified hypnotist and being able to do past life regressions with people. I also became aware that I had a purpose in life and was here for a reason. It helped me to look at life as one continuous flow of energy rather than being limited. This means life is no longer limited to one life and coming from a source that is unknown to us. It made me also realize that no one is a victim and the universe has a natural cause and effect which is very real. Through the awareness of past life memories, we can experience karma or the universal law of cause and effect. Our souls choose each experience we have here on earth so no one is a victim. We choose these experiences to teach our soul a lesson. Past life Therapy helped me to get over the grief of losing my daughter so I could move on with my life. It also inspired me to become a certified hypnotist so I could help people grow spiritually and heal emotionally by learning about their past lifetimes. I took a class from my psychologist who helped me to get certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy. I know it has helped me to create positive changes in other people’s lives like I experienced in my own. I’ve heard from several clients how past life therapy has changed their life for the better. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to help people live happier and more fulfilling lives by helping them find inner peace through this therapy.

Before experiencing past life therapy, I had feelings of doom and gloom. I felt doom and gloom because I was very unhappy with my life and didn’t think I had the ability to change it. I had a constant negative pattern of thinking and was critical of everyone around me including myself. Past life therapy helped me to create a positive pattern of thinking and to look at life more objectively. It helped me to realize that life is one continuous stream of consciousness that continues to evolve to a better understanding of ourselves. This is how we learn from life’s lessons and not be bitter about them. By understanding our lessons in life, we understand ourselves. My experiences with past life therapy has made me more secure with myself and more fulfilled with my life. I no longer feel that death is part of the unknown, but it is a return to spirit instead which is from where we came from. I’m not afraid of death anymore for I understand it and feel that we return to spirit from which we came. It also helps me to feel safe in this world and I have a better understanding of human nature.