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Sao Paulo
Saligramam Cchennai
United Kingdom
Sierra Vista
Arroyo Grande
Cathedral City
Los Angeles
Rancho Palos Verdes
San Francisco
Port Saint Lucie
Weeki Wachee
St. Louis
New Jersey
Spring Lake
New Mexico
Rio Rancho
New York
New York
North Carolina
Virginia Beach
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Sao Paulo:

Elaine Gubeissi De Lucca
Past Life Therapist since 1982. Psychologist since 1975.
Contact Info
Location #1: Sao Paulo
Phone: 011-212-6419

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Georgina Cannon
An Accredited NGH, IRPT, IMDHA hypnotist, instructor, and a doctorate in Metaphysical Counseling. Through the Ontario Hypnosis Centre, running the 5 day a week clinic and school. The school gives NGH levels one and two hypnosis workshops, IMDHA Masters Workshops, past life exploration and regression workshops, goal setting and motovation, transpersonal hypnosis and pain management workshops. Dr. Georgina Cannon is also the author of a best selling book called "Past Life Regression and You".
"A Warm and Welcoming Place to Learn and Grow"
Contact Info
Practice Name: Ontario Hypnosis Centre
Location #1: Toronto
Phone: 416-489-0333
Fax: 416-484-8546
Website #1: Ontario Hypnosis Centre Thanks muchly. Georgina Cannon Director
Website #2: Return to Past Life

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Saligramam Cchennai:

Vethamalika Chithrakumaar
I am a Medical psychologist practicing hypno and past life therapy for several years. I've written some books and am running a magazine called Hypnotherapy and Past Life Therapy. I am deeply involved in the psychic sciences and divine healing. I can heal mental patients even the worst by karma and past life therapy. At the present I am doing research in prebirth, phobias, and near death experiences. My connection is more of treating people mentally affected by UFO's and people of other planets in which one person is totally cured. Any persons affected by UFO's can contact our medical center. Good services assured, but I need more encouragement and a separate center for treating them more successfully. Your help in this field will be much appreciated. Thank you
Contact Info
Practice Name: Hypnotherapist and Past Life Therapist
Location #1: Saligramam Cchennai
Phone: 91-044-3763
Website #1: The Dinakaran Site

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Brigitte Kashtan
Senior Clinical Psychologist and Regression Therapist
-Personal practice in Israel (Halfa and Tel Aviv areas
-extensive lecturing and teaching of Regression Therapy and Transpersonal Psychology
postal address: Grinbolm St. 32, Denia, P.O. Box 55937, 34987 HAIFA, ISRAEL
Contact Info
Location #1: Haifa
Phone: 972-4-8251020
Fax: 972-4-8242660
website: Brigette Kashtan

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United Kingdom:


Michael G. Millett Dip.CHP, PNLP, PLH, MHRS, MNCH(Reg), MNACHP
One of the leading Transpersonal and Past Life Therapists in the UK. He works from North West London. He specializes in Self-Image Enhancement which often has Past Life/Other Life origins.
Contact Info
Practice Name: Elevated Therapy
Location #1: Willesden, London
Phone: 07000 4 CHANGE / 07000 42 42 64
Fax: 0181-453 0426
Website #1: Elevated Therapy
Announcements:Visit the Elevated Therapy Web Site for lots of Information, to order Books, music CD's, Hypnotic and Healing Tapes, a variety of Readings including "Career and Personal Profile" and "Astrology for Lovers", The Elevated Chat Room and lots more. LIVE A DIFFERENT LIFE!

Liz Vincent,D.Hyp MHF, GQHP, LHS, MPLTA,NLP, Adv EFT
I am a fully qualified Hypnotherapist, Advanced EFT Practitioner, EMO Trance Practitioner, Tachyon Practitioner, NLP Practitioner, Teacher and Reiki Master. A helping hand awaits people suffering from stress, anxieties, fears, phobias, addictions (smoking,etc.), pain weight problems, grief, lack of confidence, trauma, childhood, and past life issues.
Contact Info
Practice Name: Awakening2Hypnosis
Location #1: Central London
Phone: 08454 300 183 (local UK rate) or 07769 682383
Website #1: Awakening2Hypnosis

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Dorothy M. Neddermeyer
Dorothy Neddermeyer has a PhD in Metaphysics and is a board Certified Dipomate in Clinical Hypnotherapy-NLP practioner; a Diplomate of the International Academy of Behavioral Medicine, Counseling and Psychotherapy; Certified Past Life Regression specialist. She has over twenty years experience guiding others in the transformational process. Using a blend of Metaphycsical/Mind, Body, Spirit healing, Inner Child work, Dreamwork, Inner Journeying, and Past Life Therapy your life can be transformed. Author: If I'd Only Known...Sexual Abuse in or out of the Family: A Guide to Prevention
Specialities Include: Personal and Professional issues: Inability to find peace peace of mind or happiness, lack of motovation, lack of direction or feelings or being lost.
Contact Info
Practice Name: Genesis Consultants, Inc.
Location #1: Ahwatukee
Daytime & Evening Phone: 480-704-0603
Announcements: IARRT will sponsor The Annual International Conference entitled "Spiritual Revolutionaries: Evidence of Reincarnation" July 2 - 4, 2004 in Colorado Springs, Colorado at the Antlers Adam's Mark Hotel
The Three-Day Program Open to the Public includes: Keynote Speakers, "Meet the Author" panel, more than twenty two hour workshops, banquet, and vendors with arts and crafts, jewelry, pottery, etc. and service provides such as: Massage Therapists, Reiki, Shamans, Psychics, and much more. Before and after the conference three day professional training institutes are offered by Joseph Costa, PhD, Hans TenDam, PhD, Roger Woolger, PhD and the four modules of the official IARRT training program.
Opening Ceremony - Speaker: Walter Semkiw, MD "Return of the Revolutionaries" Drawing on the cases of dozens of prominent and influential American cultural and literary figures today, Dr. Semkiw establishes their Revolutionary times identity. Continuities in facial appearance, personal interests, and even writing style are giveaways to linking a present-day figure with someone from the Revolutionary era, he says.
Banquet - Speaker: Peter Novak, PhD "The Division of Consciousness" Reincarnation or an eternal afterlife? Eastern and Western philosophies have disagreed on this point for thousands of years. Novak argues that each perspective is partially correct: he concludes that the human psyche divides at death, with the conscious mind reincarnating, and the subconscious judging itself.
Registry for the IARRT conferences is at IARRT

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Chanda Nancy Berlatsky, DD PhD.M.

I specialize in Spiritual Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, and Life Between Lives Regression. Some of my certifications include The Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy, the Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Institute, the American Board of Hypnosis, and the International Hypnosis Federation. In addition, I am a certified Reiki/Master Teacher, Crystal Therapist, and provide intuitive counseling through the angelic realm and Akashic Records.

Location: Sedona, AZ
Telephone number: 928 204-0074

Please visit my website, Soul Therapies:

Many blessings,


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Sierra Vista:

Merilyn E. Nance, Ph.D.
Past life regression and clinical hypnotherapist.
Contact Info
Location #1: Sierra Vista
Phone: 520-378-1357

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Ashley Mann
Certified Alchemical Hypnotherapist specializing in relationship and sexual/gender issues. Every session takes the client to the "death experience" in the chosen past life, clears or adjusts karmic contracts, and designs a new template from which to live in this life...deeply profound and life altering changes in only one session.
   Contact Info:
   Practice Name: Center for the Healing Arts
   Location: Tucson
   Phone: 520-241-1010 (cell) or 520-299-1717
(home office)
Website: Ashley Mann
Announcements: I am now published in "Living
the Law of Attraction", which can be purchased

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Arroyo Grande:

Kathy Bornino, MA, MFCC
California licensed marriage and family therapist. Hypnotherapist trained in past life therapy with Roger Woolger, PhD, Jungian analyst.
Contact Info
Location #1: Arroyo Grande
Phone: 805-481-1724

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Cathedral City:

Peggy M. Shows, M.D. (retired from medical practice after 50 years)
General regression therapy and psychological insights. Excellent results with regressing children 3-10 years. A continuous and founding member of APRT; has practiced 50 years in medical practice and 50 years in regression therapy (maintains a current medical license).
Contact Info
Location #1: Cathedral City
Phone: 760-770-3753
Fax: 760-202-4743

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Los Angeles:

Adrian Finklestein, M.D.
Past, present, inter, and future lives exploration.
Contact Info
Location #1: Los Angeles
Phone: 310-657-8558
Website #1: Reincarnational Therapy
Website #2: Healing Ourselves

Susan Fisher, Psy.D.
Dr. Fisher is a licensed psychologist and is certified through the International Board of Regression Therapy (IBRT). She facilitates personal transformation through exploration of past, present, inter, or future lives.
Contact Info
Location #1: Los Angeles
Location #2: Woodland Hills
Phone: 310-824-7874
Website: Dr. Susan Fisher

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Rancho Palos Verdes:

Shelly Stockwell, PhD
In practice since 1978 and author of "The Time travel, The Do-It-Yourself Past Life Journey Handbook". Spokesperson for the International Hypnosis Federation and the Board of Directors of the Association of Past Life Research and Therapies (APRT).
Contact Info
Location #1: Rancho Palos Verdes
Phone: 310-377-7908
Website: Creativity Unlimited Press
Announcements: Past life therapy certification class will be held on 4/7-11/99 at Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. This class will include; past, future, and in between lives. All those interested in attending, please email me.

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San Francisco:

Philip Gerrie
I have been in private practice for 10 years. My practice is divided between spirit releasment work & past-life regression. I bring my intuitive skills into my work.
Contact Info
Practice Name: Spiritual & Regression Hypnosis
Location #1: San Francisco
Phone: 415-641-7457

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Rev. Sandra G. Landsman, PhD., CHt.
(info available soon)
Contact Info
Practice Name: Coastal Hypnosis Center
Location #1: Jupiter
Daytime Phone: 561-575-0547
Evening Phone: 561-575-9802
Fax: 561-575-6063

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Port Saint Lucie:

Gail Megna, Psy.D.
I am a New York State licensed psychologist, in practice since 1991. In 1996 I participated in a professional training led by Dr. Brian Weiss, author of "Many Lives, Many Masters." I am proud to be on Brian's referral list. I practice traditional psychotherapy which now incorporates past life work. If you are interested in a better understanding of yourself, or just going on an unusual journey, give me a call. We'll talk.
Contact Info
Location #1:Port Saint Lucie
Daytime & Evening Phone: 772-621-7940

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Weeki Wachee:

Mrs. Ann Wilson, M.A., Adv. CHt.
Help to remove blocks and possessions. Do past, present, and future life regression work. Help to take control of your life. Have thirty-seven years experience.
Contact Info
Location #1: Weeki Wachee
Phone: 352-596-3401
Cell: 352-428-1094

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Paul W. Schenk, Psy.D.

A clinical psychologist in private practice in Atlanta's Northlake area
since 1979, my services include psychotherapy and hypnosis for adults,
psychotherapy for teens, and children, psychological and educational
evaluations for ADHD and learning problems, and hypnosis
consultation/training for mental health professionals. I am an approved
consultant with the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis and President of
the Georgia Hypnosis Society.

I began exploring the clinical applications of past life therapy in 1987. My
web site ( offers a detailed description of how I
approach this work. Visitors may also read two articles which present
alternative ways of looking at past life imagery. The first article , published in 1999 in the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis (42:1, 36-39), explores past
life imagery as good fiction created by the client's unconscious in the form
of "waking dreams". The second article, published in 2009 in the Australian
Journal of Clinical and Experiential Hypnosis (37:2, 192-217), explores past
life therapy as an extension of family/systems therapy. The first of two
versions uses vignettes from my own clinical practice; the second version
uses Dr. Brian Weiss's case study of Catherine. My 2006 book, The Hypnotic
Use of Waking Dreams: Exploring Near-Death Experiences Without the Flatlines , uses annotated transcripts to explore some of the many clinical applications of past life therapy.

Paul W. Schenk, Psy.D.
3589 Habersham at Northlake
Tucker, GA 30084-4001
o: 770-939-4473
f: 770-939-0033

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Carol Berman MA, CPLT
Hypnotherapy, regression therapy, and energy work.
Contact Info
Location #1: Bethesda
Phone: 301-469-8620

Helene Guttman, PhD
Transpersonal Counseling, Regression Therapy, Hypnotherapy, NLP and more. By appointment. Remove physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks to wholeness.
Contact Info
Location #1: Bethesda
Phone: 301-656-8980
Website: Sound Balance Center
Announcements: Conducts classes in Bethesda, MD and individual tutorials for both local and distant students in Transpersonal Development. TP Development supports and empowers you to express your highest potential and to move into your soul's work. Course completion may be applied toward certification as a Transpersonal Counselor.

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St. Louis:

Thomas S. Lipsitz, Ph.D
I have been a licensed psychologist for 29 years and have been using past life therapy in my practice for 19 years. I have found the use of regression therapy as a way of tapping the spiritual essence of my clients. Hypnosis is a valuable tool which I have been utilizing for over 30 years.
   Contact Info:
   Location #1: St. Louis
   Phone: 314-997-6463
   Fax: 314-997-4423
   Email: <>
Announcements: I am available to give presentations of the subject of using PLT in clinical practices.

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New Jersey:

Spring Lake:

Robert Jarmon M.D.
I am a medical doctor and the author of "Discovering the Soul: the Amazing Findings of a Psychiatrist and his Patients." I have been practicing clinical hypnosis since 1978 and regression hypnotherapy since 1986. My practice in psychiatry and preventative medicine uses hypnosis to a large extent to integrate the Body, Mind, and Spirit which we all are. Many of my patients come to me after having failed at more traditional approaches within psychiatry.
Contact Info
Practice Name: Robert G. Jarmon M.D.
Location #1: Spring Lake
Daytime & Evening Phone: 732-449-2768
Website #1: Robert G. Jarmon M.D.

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New Mexico:

Rio Rancho:

Kathryn Albright Williams, BSc., CHt.
Certified Hypnotherapist, Counselor, and teacher in practice for 17 years. Has conducted classes and workshops in Minnesota, California, and New Mexico. A member of the Association for Past-life Research and Therapies (APRT) and the Southwest Hypnotherapists Examining Board (SHEB).
The Innerquest approach accepts that we are each unique, complex, holistic beings of body, mind, emotion, and soul with inner resources that can be reached through a supportive client centered relationship for dynamic, personal life-changes.
Contact Info
Location #1: Rio Rancho
Practice Name: Innerquest Hypnotherapy
Phone: 505-891-1925

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New York:

New York:

Barbara Davis-Thompson, C.S.W., C.R.C., C.A.S.A.C., C.H.T.
I am a psychotherapist, advanced hypnotherapist, addictions specialist, masters level career counselor, and authored "Life is a People-to-People Connection" self help guide with 900+ resources. I have individualized treatment to heal emotional wound/blockages through hypnotherapy, E.M.D.R., RoHun therapy, Yhandi (inner child and grown up adult integration), psychotherapy, purification, and shadow work, soul retrieval, Enneagram identification, dark force entity and in-body possession removal, E.F.T., seven visions, and past life regression. These techniques used singularly or in combination can interrupt unhealthy patterns and behaviors, often in dynamic breakthroughs, that can feel like alchemical transformations.
Specialities Include: couples, addictions, anxiety, A.C.O.A.'s, P.T.S.D., and depression.
Call now to create the life you deserve.
Contact Info
Location #1: New York
Daytime & Evening Phone: 212-673-7583

Joyce Z. Meyers, C.S.W., C.H.T., C.R.T.
Yes, you can heal your present through your past and recreate your life. Previous lives, as well as childhood trauma, contribute to current mental, emotional, physical and spiritual problems. Using hypnosis and altered states, I can guide you in safely recalling, examining, and learning from your past lives. This work can help you begin to release inner restrictions and fears, gain self understanding and acceptance, open to more constructive and creative potentials, and establish a deeper connection to your core self. In addition to being a past life therapist, I am a board certified past life regressionist (CRT), licensed psychotherapist, certified hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, and art therapist with 21 years of experience incorporating traditional, spiritual, and experiential approaches to healing.
Specialities Include: self-esteem issues; life purpose; career, health and relationship problems; sexual concerns; codependency; abuse and incest recovery; inner child bonding; soul work; and transpersonal and paranormal experiences.
Together, within a safe and comfortable setting, we can gently begin the journey of healing.
Contact Info:
Location #1: New York
Daytime & Evening Phone: 212-229-0335
Website:Heart and Soul Therapy

Kev O'Kane, C.M.T.
Kev O'Kane is a highly trained Past Life Regression Therapist, Certified Master Hypnotist, Certified clinical and Past Life Hypnotist. You have the choice to allow your past lives to retard or to aid in your growth process. Kev has been practicing for 10 years. His gentle spiritual approach reflects his close connection with the Edgar Cayce readings. Currently he teaches Past Life Regression to professional hypnotherapists in several states. Clients have received life altering insights through this therapy.
Contact Info
Location #1: New York
Daytime & Evening Phone: (646) 338-6715
Website:Kev O'Kane

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North Carolina:


Teresa D. Chittum
Teresa Chittum is a certified hypnotherapist.
Specialities Include:Fears, habits, traumas, past lives, anxieties, depression and much more.
Contact Info
Practice Name: Creative Transformations, Inc.
Location : Lexington
Daytime & Evening Phone: 704-731-3713

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Diana McManus, CHt.
has been practicing Hypnotherapy for several years and is certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapists.
Contact Info
Location #1: Austin
Practice Name: A Time to Heal
Phone: 512-288-2789

Tianna Roser, CCHT
Certified with the National Guild of Hypnotists, Certified in Life Between Lives Regression by the Michael Newton Institute, Certified in Quantum Healing Hypnosis with Dolores Cannon, Professional Member of the International Association for Regression Research and Therapies
Contact info
Location: Austin
Practice Name: Awakening Transformation
Phone: 512-820-7922


Shelley Kaehr, Ph.D.
The practice specializes in past life regression for grief recovery, emotional healing, relationship issues, and future memory journeys for career direction and goals. Dr. Shelley is the author of five books and is an internationally known expert in the firld of mind/body medicine. Her sixth book on he gems, stones, and mineral recomended by Edgar Cayce in his life readings will be out in February 2005. Dr. Shelley travels throughout the US teaching and lecturing. Sessions are available by phone and are just as effective as in person.
Contact Info
Location #1: Lewisville
Practice Name: Galactic Healing
Phone: 469-556-4325
Website #1:
Galactic Healing
Website #2:
Beyond Reality Show
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Virginia Beach:

Carolyn Gelone
Past life regressionist for 20 years. I also teach about reincarnation and regression therapy. I am a national speaker and a lecturer for A.R.E., the Edgar Cayce Association.
Contact Info
Location #1: Virginia Beach
Phone: 757-422-1215

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Elaine Childs Gowell
Holistic nursing practice in psychiatry using hypnosis, EMDR, TFT (TM), and other modalities including past life recall.
Contact Info
Location #1: Seattle
Phone: 206-781-0839
Website #1: Good Grief Rituals

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